Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laughing Swan Seeds.

Laughing Swan Seeds

Our seed business is remarkably different from any other seed company.

We advocate people to stop wasting seeds!  A family of 4 with a moderate size garden doesn’t need 500 lettuce seeds, or 200 basil seeds, or 100 tomato seeds.  Generally, you will plant some seeds from the packet, and the rest are put away, either in a place not suitable for keeping them fresh, or forgotten about the next year.                   Even though many seeds are viable for more than 1 year, fresher is better.

We believe it’s better to offer seeds in smaller amounts that you will use in a year.  You are better off to buy fresh seed next year.  Also, then you are not stuck with hundreds of seeds of a particular variety.    Experiment – try different varieties!

Many people over-sow their seeds.  Carrots are a good example: people will fill the seed furrow with seeds (partly to use up what they bought), only to have to spend hours thinning out the shoots so the few plants they actually want can grow! Overcrowding is not good for any plants.

We promote sowing fewer seeds, reducing or eliminating pulling them out to thin, thereby not wasting seeds.  The shoots that do germinate and sprout will be healthier without all that competition. 

And you will have more time to enjoy your garden!

“Old gardeners never die, they just go to seed!”

Laughing Swan Seeds, Laughing Swan Farm
On the sunny South Thompson River, Kamloops, BC

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