Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Promises to be a good year for tomato plants, garlic and our new Oyster mushrooms.
  Although we started by growing and selling ornamental grasses and perennial plants, with some shrubs and a few trees, we have now moved to more edible crops and away from ornaments.
  The market place caused this shift as we realized that food was a necessity. Grasses on the other hand were not a priority for many.
  So here we are in 2016 with over a 100 varieties of Tomatoes, many new kinds of garlic and our Blue, Elm, and Tree Oyster mushrooms. We are careful not to expand to an unmanageable size so usually if something new is introduced, something else gets dropped.
  Last but not least are our ducks. We supply duck eggs to many of our customers, these eggs are tasty and many people who have allergies to chicken eggs can eat them.            
  If you are in Kamloops on a Saturday this year, come and visit our booth at the Kamloops Farmers Market.