Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This year is going to be so... exciting.

This year we are growing some interesting new grasses from the tall-grass prairie: Melica, big bluestem, sweet grass, Indian grass, and others.
Also, in our perennial lineup we have some wonderful new Echinacea varieties that are so colourful it will amaze you, and perhaps make you wonder whether you should forgo the annuals and just put in more perennials! 
We also have many different varieties of Lavender, rated for zone 5, (down on the river is zone 6, and up in Aberdeen it's a zone 4).
We take great care in selecting plants and grasses that will do well in our environment because we want you to be happy with your plantings, and know that if we sell it, in will thrive here.
Come and visit us at the Kamloops Farmers Market, starting on Saturday  April 23rd  2011, 8 to 12 noon.
Visit our site to see what available this year.

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